May 30 to June 3, 2016 – Winnipeg, Manitoba
University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus
The Summer Institute brings together university students and community-based practitioners to learn together about evaluation.

Lectures, case studies and group work are combined to explore the concepts of participatory evaluation with a goal to improve evaluation and planning execution.

“I really liked the case study process. The experience provided me with a concrete understanding of the evaluation process.”
– 2011 Participant

Submit a Case Study

Do you have a program you would like to evaluate? Accepted case studies will be used to develop a program evaluation framework.

Small groups work together over the course of the Institute to refine: evaluation questions; indicators; data collection methods; and analytical and reporting processes.

Case studies will represent a diversity of programs and sectors. A maximum of seven case studies will be selected and must have at least one representative attend the entire Summer Institute as a key informant.

Briefly explain why you are evaluating this program (intended audience and use).

Provide background information on your program and/or organization.

What is the program’s overall aim?

If you have a logic model – attach and refer to the logic model. If not, please state the short and long term objectives of your program. Objectives should indicate a desired change. In other words, they are not activities or products but the intended outcome of your activities on the target audience.

Describe the primary activities carried out to achieve your objectives

If you are currently collecting any information about your program on a regular basis, please describe.

What would you like the evaluation to tell you (what do you want to know as a result of the evaluation)?

Please describe how you plan to implement the evaluation framework once it is developed.

Contact Us

For more information contact:
Bohdanna Kinasevych, Health in Common
(204) 946-1888 ext. 104

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For-credit student registration

Registration for courses will be handled through the U of M’s Summer Session, and can be reached at 204-474-6963 or 8008. Course information provided here is subject to change. For up-to-date information, visit the electronic registration guide.

FMLY 3790 (3 credit hours)
Evaluation of Programs for Children and Families

SOC 3460 (3 credit hours)
Evaluating Social Programs Graduate Students

FMLY 7500 (3 credit hours)
Evaluation of Family, Health & Social Programs

SOC 7470 (3 credit hours)
Evaluating Social Programs

Non-U of M Student Registration

If you would like to register, please submit the following form. We will send you an invoice which can be paid electronically by PayPal or manually by cheque.

Registration is $750. Subsidies may be available, including out-of-town travel costs.

In Partnership with:

  • Canadian Evaluation Association - Manitoba Chapter
  • Community Health-Information and Research Partnership
  • Health In Common
  • Sexuality Education and Resource Centre
  • United Way Winnipeg
  • University of Manitoba
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